Software I've written or maintain
ifdl: multi-network user level ifup wrapper 2004-06-07
Image::Gallery: Perl modules and scripts for generating html galleries from directories of images 2010-09-02
Utils: Small utilities, tools, and scripts that don't deserve their own section. 2010-10-28
Spam Assassin Tools: wrapper tools for simplifying usage of Spam Assassin 2010-01-31

Software I've packaged
Apache: static debian build of ssl enabled Apache 2 2008-02-03
nvidia: Custom patches and debian packages of nvidia drivers 2004-05-10

This is a pretty pathetic sampling of code compared to what I've actually written in my career as a software engineer. However, almost everything really interesting or cool was done as part of my job. That means I don't own the rights to it and can't distribute it. I worked for awhile to try to get some of the more generic things released as open source under the GPL but never had the time to go through all of the legal work.

You may see my name on some patches to Cedega long ago fixing bugs in winex. I was also part of the efforts by Aventail to solve some problems in the ipvs project long ago.